Resources: where to shop locally and where to buy seeds online

Down to Earth.  Albuquerque Master Gardeners.  This link goes to the page with their quarterly calendar of things to do in and around your Albuquerque garden.  The full website also has valuable information on gardening and upcoming talks, seminars, and plant sales.

If you're looking for a plant-shopping-filled day, take I25 to Osuna and head west.  First stop is Jericho Nursery (street address is on Pan American Freeway), second Osuna Nursery, and third (a block north of Osuna on 4th) is Plants of the Southwest.

Jericho Nursery.  I haven't yet been to this nursery but from their website, they appear to offer a wide range of plants and gardening supplies.  They also have what appears to be a bi-weekly seminar series on topics such as: growing fruit trees, vegetable gardening, pruning roses, growing grapes and berries, and growing herbs (the line up shown for Feb-Apr 2015).  They have two locations in town.

Osuna Nursery.  Yet another nursery I haven't visited.  Their website also shows a full calendar of activities, events, and trainings in addition to plants, trees, and an assortment of fine decor.

Plants of the Southwest.  Although this nursery is probably best known for its drought tolerant flowers, shrubs, and trees, they also have a good collection of vegetable seeds and starts as well as some lovely looking fruit trees, shrubs, and vines.  The Albuquerque store is located on 4th Street.

I know there are several other good nurseries in town.  If you have any you'd like me to add here, let me know.

The La Montanita Coop carries seeds by the national brand, Botanical Interests.  I don't know the details but they have also recently started carrying some local seeds - quite a few New Mexico chili peppers as I recall...

The seed catalogues are almost too numerous to list but here are a couple that specialize in heirloom and/or organic seed.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Seed Savers

Vermont Bean Seed Company.  Among other things, it looks like they are a good source for seeds on tape.  I had never heard of seeds on tape until one of our gardeners told me about them.  Ideal for small seeds like carrots that really prefer being planted the proper distance apart but that, at the same time, are too small to do that properly.  Enter seeds on tape.  Lord knows how they get the seeds on the tape (and the proper distance apart!) but apparently they do, making our gardening tasks easier.

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