Thursday, September 11, 2014

Peach Recipes

The green scarab beetles are racing us to see who gets more of our nectarines, peaches, and plums.  I'd show some photos of the damage they inflict but I want to post some recipes one of our members has found and, well, the bugs on/in peaches are not appetizing, to say the least.

So.  On to the recipes.  These were provided to me as copies of newspaper-type articles but I've been able to track down some internet versions for you (so that I don't violate copyright rights and otherwise make original authors unhappy.)  Links to the actual recipes are provided.

The first is a Navajo-Style Peach Crisp, which came highly recommended.
Here's a link to the recipe on the Delicious Living website.

The newspaper version had permission information for the recipe from a cookbook entitled "With a Measure of Grace, The Story and Recipes of a Small Town Restaurant."

It turns out that the book was written by the owners/chefs (and everything else most likely) of a small, very successful restaurant Hell's Backbone Grill and Farm.  Despite being located in a very small (population 180) and remote (Boulder, Utah) town, the restaurant is "highly acclaimed and award-winning."  If you are stricken by wanderlust, it certainly seems like it would be a good stop on your travels.  And, for those who aren't wandering far from home these days, an internet visit would be a worthwhile trip.

A second recipe, from the New York Times, is a galette suitable for "the summer fruit of your choice".  The recipe is also suitable for vegetables.  A galette is a sort of free-form tart or pie that is rolled out, shaped, filled, and baked without the benefit or constriction of a pie pan.

For those who prefer watching to reading, Melissa Clark of the New York Times demonstrates the recipe with tips for the general technique here.
And, for those of you who prefer reading, you can find the printed recipe here.

Links last checked and found to be valid on 12 September 2014.

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