Friday, January 30, 2015

First 2014 "Tasting in the Garden" (originally posted on 26 July 2014)

Where to start...  Adjectives would be wonderful, fabulous, awesome ... and could only become more superlative from there.
About 10 rows were represented in the feast.
We had a lovely flat bean reminiscent of an Italian flat bean but Spanish.  Two different types of chard wraps - one filled with mozzarella cheese, basil and tomatoes and roasted on the grill; one stuffed with rice, sushi style.  We harvested a pineapple tomato and sliced it.  It was large enough that everyone had a good sized and delicious sample.  Although I have tons of collards in my row, I didn't prepare anything from them but luckily someone from another row prepared a most tasty dish.  There was a rhubarb crumble, beet salad, whitefish spread (not from the garden but maybe we could have a pond next year????) served with basil and cherry tomatoes from the garden.  Grilled, smoked sausage, Jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon.  (Bacon and sausage also not from the garden .... maybe we should just have a farm...) Quinoa salad with mango.  Although the quinoa wasn't from the garden, one row has some nearing harvest and we're all looking forward to tasting some home-grown soon.  Fresh grapes.  And the samplers I made and brought: a feta-herb dip, an unripe stone fruit chutney, and a plum compote.  And dried tomatoes from 2013.  I'm sure I've forgotten something.

It was a veritable feast as well as an amazing demonstration of what can be done with simple garden produce.

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